Under provision of the Articles of Association, the Company is functioning under a Governing Body, comprising of eight (8) Board Members, elected by the General Assembly of shareholders, and a Chairman, elected by the Board Members from amongst themselves, by a majority vote, for a - years term.  The current Board composition is as below:


1 Mr. Riadh Mohamed Al Humaidan Chairman
2 Mr. Omer Riadh Mohamed Al Humaidan Board Member
3 Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Yasin Al Sheikh Board Member
4 Mr. Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Al Ghadyan Board Member
5 Mr. Maqhad Abdulllah Al Khamees Board Member
6 Mr. Mashood Mohammed Al Hubaikan Board Member
7 Mr. Khalid Saad Al Fadli Board Member
8 Mr. Ahmed Yaqub Al Fraih Board Member