Saudi National Lamps and Electricals Company Ltd (SANLEC)

The Saudi National Lamps and Electricals Company Limited “SANLEC” is the first manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia to produce eco friendly energy saving Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and High Intensity Discharge lamps (HIDs) like the High Pressure Sodium vapor lamps and Metal halide lamps for external lightings, stadiums, factories and street lighting applications

SANLEC is located at Al Ahsa Industrial city, Al Oyoun, Saudi Arabia.

The main products are:

• Compact Fluorescent Lamps – 9 W to 23 W

• High Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamps – 70 Wto 600 W

• Metal Halide Lamps – 250 W to 400 W

• Mercury Vapor Lamps – 125 W to 400 W

The partners are:

• Zoujaj, Saudi Arabia ‐ 50%

• Saudi offset Limited Partnership (SOLP) ‐ 30%

• Indo Asian Fuse Gear Limited, India ‐ 20%

• For more information and Product enquiry, please visit technical Partner’ company website :